Founded in 1981 by Donnie and Reba Trotti local and family-owned Trotti Service Company Inc. is a full service HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) contractor. We specialize in high rise tenant build-outs, high end retail build-outs and precision air conditioning for special applications such as data center systems and medical equipment. We also offer essential maintenance and service for preserving the peak performance of these systems.


Reba Trotti, President & CFO

Reba cofounded Trotti Service Company, Inc. in 1981 as the secretary/treasurer and today handles all the financial accounts and supplier negotiations. She's committed to ensuring that we offer the highest quality HVAC service at the most competitive prices in the Houston area. Her integrity and dedication has made Trotti Service the respected name in HVAC services that our clients have come to rely on.


David Trotti, Vice President Service Manager

David holds his Texas Air Conditioning License, is an EPA-approved universal technician and is skilled in all services Trotti offers. David started as a field technician with Trotti Service, Inc. in 1995 and today is still a hands-on player in daily operations. Nearly 20 years in HVAC gives him the invaluable experience with every aspect of the business.


Ryan Trotti, Vice President Chief Estimator

Ryan began working for Trotti Service Company, Inc. in 1993 as a field technician and now works as the primary point of contact and project manager for each construction project from inception to completion. Ryan carefully computes cost estimates for material, labor, and subcontractors to make sure each project falls within the client's budget while achieving superior results.